Here is All You Need to Know How to Sing in High Pitch

Singing is an art that many people love to do but fail to master. High pitch singing is one of the hardest things to master amidst it all. It is necessary to ensure a number of things when it comes to singing in a high pitch voice. There even have been several cases when people have lost their voices owing to overdoing or stressing their voices. It is very much necessary to keep tabs on the maximum capacity and never overdo the same. Try and watch demos regarding how to sing in high pitch and even consult a voice specialist if necessary.

how to sing in high pitch

How do you control the pitch of your voice?

Are you someone who has been looking around the place to find effective ways to tame your voice? It is often a tough job because the voice control and the pitch vary from person to person. An untrained voice has the possibility of being ruckus and all over the place if the pitch is not controlled properly. There are some effective ways in which the same can be effectively done and achieved.

Keep it hydrated

The voice is like a machine. It needs all the necessary oiling. Keeping it hydrated is the best way to do so. Drinking plenty of water and keeping the entire system hydrated is one of the most important requirements. Ensure to monitor your water intake minutely and never overdo the same. Keep a set routine and drink water at a few intervals of time for that effective hydration.

Stretch your voice

This voice exercise is one of the best ways to control pitch. Vocal fold exercises and voice stretch exercises widen the bandwidth of the voice and keep it strong and powerful.

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Do lip trill

The lip trill exercise ensures to loosen the lips and helps strengthen the vocals. The best way to do so is by taking a deep breath and then exhaling as if you are blowing bubbles into the swimming pool. Control your breath and the functioning of the diaphragm during the same for the best effective results.


The humming exercise is yet another way to set the pitch of the voice. Start with a low base sound and work your way up.

This not just effectively ensures a vocal exercise and warm up but checks the pitch of the voice as well.

Why does my voice crack when I sing high pitch?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions, and there is a definite reason behind the same. Many people often tend to find this as a regular occurrence. The main reason behind the same is the proper voice training, excessive strain on the voice or even the lack of voice warm-ups.

It is necessary to get a check of what the possible reason could be and act upon it. This is a major necessity and especially if you are a professional. What Voice is warm-up one of the most important things that should never be neglected. This ensures to warm up the vocal cords to withstand any kind of added strain which is not good if the same is not done. Yet another thing is to keep rehearsing on a daily basis. There is not a better solution that the same.

How do we measure high pitch?

Measuring high pitch voice is best done using either the machines or even the various mobile applications that are now often easily available. It is best to opt for these because they give a very accurate number encircling the same. The pitch is mainly dependant on the frequency of the voice, and that is mainly measured in Hertz (Hz).

The vibrations made by the vocal chord are what are helpful in measuring the pitch of the voice.

What are tips to sing on pitch?

Singing in pitch is one of the most important aspects of being a good professional singer. While many people have a beautiful voice, not hitting the correct pitch often tends to disrupt the entirety of the singing.

There are 5 major tips that come in handy when it comes to singing on the pitch:

1. Land on the pitch gently

Landing on the pitch hard is one of the worst reasons why people sound off the pitch. It is necessary to understand the notes and the pitch. Take it slow and easy on the note and try to not overdo or stress about it. Float around the notes and let your voice glide through the notes. Don’t stress them and just land on it lightly.

2. Don’t overshoot

This is a common mistake many people do. Singing high notes doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to scream at the top of your voice. Hitting high notes in high pitch can be done gently as well. Keep practicing the notes for better effects. Feel the pitch first and then hit it. Don’t try to achieve the same on the first go; it’ll never happen.

3. Listen to the pitch while singing

vocal cord musclesThis is one of the most effective ways to hit the note perfectly. Ear hearing whilst singing the pitch aids in understanding and assessing the part where you are hitting it wrong. You can rectify the same from just listening to it.

4. Know your capacities

Every single person has their own vocal capacity. The moment you try to overdo it, the faster you understand the same, the faster you’ll learn to sing on pitch.

5. Vocal cord muscle memory

Repetition of the ingrain vocal cord muscle memory is a great way to assess the singing on pitch. Some of the methods of these kinds of vocal exercises include vocal riffs, vocal trills, and vocal licks.

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Apart from all of these mentioned methods, it is best never to overdo anything. Just remember that “Rome was not built in a day.” The same can’t be achieved with the vocal pitch and voice as well. It takes a lot of time and a lot of practice before it becomes perfect. It is necessary to understand your strengths and work on the same.

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