How to Implement Feeling, Emotion and Passion into Singing?

Being a singer is not a big deal, but, being a good singer is a deal to crack. Now, just by knowing a song and singing it to the tune doesn’t mean singing. Each and every song has some kind of story, some emotions and passionate feelings attached to it. These are the characteristics of a song that you need to hold up if you are planning to become a good singer. So, if you are such a person, then in this article you are going to learn how to sing with feel, emotion and passion. The need for this learning in today’s article is that, nowadays people just start singing without knowing the basics of singing. People think that just by hearing to a song and singing it will do the job. This is an article full of answers to those people who skips of the essence of singing.

How to Sing with Feel Emotion and Passion

But, for that, there are many co-questions too which you need to know the answers too as this will help you learn better and even teach better to others. Let us now go into all the associated questions and answers and the different queries.

What is the Importance of Passion and Emotion in Singing?

A song is dead if there are no emotions and passion. Even if it is a dance music track, it still has some emotions or a story. The beats of a song don’t matter to become a good singer. What matters to become a good singer is to understand the story behind the song or what message the singer is trying to imply and then uphold the same when you go out and perform that very song. Same is the story for passion. Passion is to have a deep interest into something. Sorry to say, but if you don’t have deep interest into singing, you cannot sing nicely.

What is the Difference between “Passion” and “Emotion” in case of Singing?

The meaning of the terms of “passion” and “emotion” from the oxford dictionary or any other dictionary will help you in differentiating between the two. In case of passion, it is a deep interest to do something. So, when you show passion into singing, you are actually showing a very deep interest into singing whereas emotions are certain reactions to certain situations or circumstances. The story or the meaning of a song always comes with emotions and it is for you to uphold these “reactions” of the songs. This is the difference between “passion” and “emotion”.

How can You Add Emotions to Your Voice when You are Singing?

Following mentioned are some of the pointers which will help you in implementing emotions to your voice. Do note that you will need terrific amount of practice for this.

  • The way you dictate a story to someone, in the same way sing a song to the crowd of audience watching you
  • You need to understand the genre of the song and then sing it in such a way that the original message of the song is being delivered your heart.
  • Understand the song and don’t try to copy the accent of the original singer when you start. Be original and use your original tune and tone and match it with that of the original song.
  • Learn the meaning of the lyrics and then use the application of facial expressions and voice compressions according to the different lyrics at the different lines.

How Can You Sing with Passion?

Grow deep interest in what you do. The song you are singing, you have to go “inside” the song, deeply inside to understand the deep meaning and then portrait that deep meaning with a deep interest to the audience. This is a known way on how you can bring about passion when you are singing and also, soon you can develop as a passionate singer.

You can also use this method to get maximum benefits.

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Which is the Best Musical Instrument that You can Play or can be Played for An Emotional Song or for Emotional Singing?

This is more of a choice than a statement. So obviously, different people might want different instruments, be it for singing an emotional song or for emotional singing for his or her own advantage. But again, obviously, you would want some sort of sense into your music. You would obviously not opt for an electric guitar to sing emotionally or to sing an emotional song. The ideal instruments which work well this this sort of music will be the soft music instruments and the classical instruments. To feed you with best examples, using a piano or violin would serve as a great choice if you are emotionally singing or singing an emotional song.

Which is the Best Musical Instrument that You can Play or can be Played for Singing Passionately or for Passion Singing?

Passion is way different than emotion. Due to this difference, choosing a musical instrument which serves the best for singing passionately or for passion singing is way easier than choosing a musical instrument for emotional singing. The reason is even if you are opting for heavy metal, even that is music and if you take it up seriously then you are passionate. The plus point is there can be any type of music and thus buying a musical instrument is easier. You buy what you want!

Are There Any Physical Benefits in Emotional Singing and Passion Singing?

Of course! There are physical benefits of emotional singing and passion singing as well. You may be surprised, but yes, go through the following points. These are some serious benefits which singing emotionally or passionately does imply on us:

  • Emotional singing and passion singing helps in increasing the strength of our immune system
  • Emotional singing and passion singing serves as a sort of work out, especially for elderly, disable and persons who are injured
  • Emotional singing and passion singing helps in improving our posture in the way we walk stand, sit, etc.
  • Emotional singing and passion singing actually helps you in having a good, pleasant and peaceful night when you are deep into your sleep

These are some of the most important physical benefits that is hosted by emotional singing and passionate singing.

Are There Any Psychological Benefits in Emotional Singing and Passion Singing?

Singing is actually a great way of staying healthy. Just above you have seen all the different and amazing physical benefits which are provided by singing a song. Now, to add up to these physical benefits of singing a song, we will bring you the psychological benefits of singing a song. Yes, it had psychological benefits too! Here are they as follows:

  • Emotional singing and passion singing serves as a great way to get rid of depressions. The reason why is that they serve as a great anti-depressant. Plus, they are natural, so no side effects
  • Emotional singing and passion singing is probably the best way of lowering stress if you do have a lot of stress
  • If you are interested in increasing your mental alertness, that is, how alert are you to your surroundings, you should probably opt for emotional singing and passion singing

These are some of the most important psychological benefits that is hosted by emotional singing and passionate singing.

What about the Singers who Sings with Emotion?

In fact, these are the singers who are most famous in the world, the ones who sings with emotion. Take for example Enrique, Bruno Mars, etc. It’s not like other are not more famous than the emotional singers, they can be, but when an average is taken into consideration, emotion slightly weighs a bit more.

What about the Singers who Sings with Passion?

Parties, dance events and many more. Singers who sing with passion, are actually called the “singers”. It’s not about singers singing with passion versus singers singing with emotion. Yes, you can do without one another, but if you are passionate and not emotional, you can still be successful if you are to be in some other genre. On the other hand, if you are emotional but not passionate, then you don’t really have a clear line in front of you. The reason for this is because to be successful in anything, you have to be passionate in it. Take example of any singer who has fame in this world. All of them are passionate!

What are Some of the Best Examples to Feel the Emotion of a Song?

When we specifically talk about emotional songs, it totally refers to the emotions with which we are built. These emotional songs generally tend towards a sad part of ourselves and hence if you are not a person of such kind, don’t listen to emotional songs. Plus, when you are listening to emotional songs, you are expected to pall full attention on the song itself and not chit chat with your friends or shake your head to the beats. These songs are not songs to enjoy and have fun, but, rather these songs are those songs which are listened to feel the emotion and take in the essence of the emotions.

Below listed are the top ten most trending songs which relate directly to your emotions. They are as follows:

  • Mad World by Gary Jules
  • Everybody Hurts by R.E.M
  • Someone Like You by Adele
  • Nothing Compares to You by Sinead O’Connor
  • Hurt by Johnny Cash
  • Let Her Go by Passenger
  • Dance with My Father by Luthor Vandross
  • My Mom by Chocolate Genius Inc.
  • The Way by Fastball
  • Say Something by A Great Big World Featuring Christina Aguilera

There are thousands of emotional songs, but if you really want to listen to some amazing quality of emotional songs, then these should be your choice to start with.

The Top 10 Songs to Feel the Passion of a Song?

Any song which is good and composed and sung by reputed singer has to be a passionate song. The reason for this assumption has already been stated before. As said before, without passion, you cannot become a good singer. Song writer, song composer, music director, etc. all of these is like dreams which will never be accomplished if you cannot become a good singer. If you neglect passion, this is the only case which will happen to you.

Below listed are the top ten most trending songs which relate directly to the passion that is illustrated by the singers who sang the song. They are as follows:

  1. Express Yourself by Charles Wright and The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band
  2. Brave by Sara Bareilles
  3. I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack
  4. Fever by Michael Buble
  5. Fire by The Pointer Sisters
  6. Say by John Mayer
  7. Conviction of The Heart by Kenny Loggins
  8. Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield
  9. Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
  10. Angels or Devils by Dishwalla

There are thousands of passion songs, but if you really want to listen to some amazing quality of passion songs, then these should be your choice to start with.

This was all about how you can sing with feelings, emotion and passion. Now, if you notice properly, we have discussed a lot on the subject matter about emotion and passion to be precise and also compared at some places what are the basic differences at every level between the two. But, there wasn’t a single place where the world feelings were included.. This is because feelings are associated with emotion and passion both. Think of it very carefully! Today you are singing passionately, but there is no emotion in the song. Where will the feeling of the song come from?

Mind it, feeling of the “song” and not “beats”. On the other hand, if you sing with emotions but know passion, again how will the emotions come? They will only come out when you implement passion along with emotions. Hopefully you have learned many things and concepts on this subject matter and we also hope that we could make this as easy as possible for you to read, enjoy and understand the same concept at the same time as well.