7 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Singing Voice Instantly

Nowadays almost everyone is a singer, a dancer, a painter and what not. But if you really have the potential to be a good one that you can shine in future with the talent and grace in yourself then it should be perfect. While you might not always get a chance to be in a worldwide or nationwide competition, it can be a simple hobby too. Or you can even practice it for a party or a karaoke night that you are going to have with your friends.

ways to improve your singing voice

Now, the problem is not everyone has a tutor nor is a master in singing. So, to attain those high notes and hard starts, it is better for you to know what exactly to do in order to improve your singing skills.

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Given below are seven ways in to improve your singing voice:

1. A little Vain:

If you are going to be a singer you have to be a little vain, you can start with just staring at yourself in a given mirror. It is always said that confidence is the core of so many things and thus, it can increase your confidence if you just stare and stand. You can also analyze your own movements and then work on perfecting them for future. You can analyze how you move your hands, your face and your other postures while singing and then you can check what you are doing correct and what you are doing wrong in order to correct them. You can try out new hand movements, positions and also expressions that go with the song you will sing and how it affects the whole performance. With each passing day, you will yourself notice the change in yourself.

2. Practice:

The famous saying as it goes, “Practice makes one perfect, ” and so you will have to practice a lot in order to have that strength and power for singing. You will have to test your vocal abilities every single day in order to know the difference each day is making to your voice. You will have to work with someone professional in order to learn the rules and regulations of singing and also the ways in which you can improve yourself. You should always practice in the morning and in specific times that areas said to be good for maintaining the pace of the voice.

3. Breathing Properly:

The first step to managing anything related to breathing is to inhale and properly exhale properly. You will also have to know how to meditate, which is again a great factor in singing. There are two breathing exercises that can be recommended to anybody when they want to improve their breathing or singing skills:

  • You will have to place one of your hands over your torso and one hand on the lower section of your chest, just below your ribs. After doing that you have inhaled keeping in mind that the upper hand has to stay intact. The lower hand whereas can drop and then again rise with your movements.
  • The second one to try is by breathing inwards on a count of four and then exhaling at a count of eight. You will have to increase the counts with each passing breath until the time you reach a count of 24-28. This will further teach you how to control your breath.

4. Singing Lessons:

You can always opt to work with or under a professional in order to get the best coaching and exposure. You can maximize your potential of singing by practicing with a talented person. But there are times when normal people are mistaken for masters, and thus you will have to be very careful while you choose one. Because the person you choose will set your basics, teach you every detail you will ever know about singing and also how to establish more and more. They will tell you about exercises to get better breathing forces and also postures to keep a nice performance. You will, of course, have to bear the fees for the lessons that you will take, but it will all be of worth at the end of the day.

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5. Your Own Voice:

Never try to imitate or copy another singer’s style or voice. That will not only destroy your base but also make you another “that person.” You should always have your own strengths and thus your own voice. Your own style and voice should be the one that should be your patent style and like no one has ever made before. You should always be sure of what you sound like and what you should and shouldn’t do, while you are singing.

6. The Drama:

As it is said, actions speak louder than words. You have to convey your emotions through your eyes, voice, and postures before anything else. The song should be able to reach the audience on a different level in itself, and also, the audience should connect to it. Singing is known to be a way of acting. The way it can deliver feelings and emotions to the audience is very pure and genuine. So, drama is very important.

7. Maintain Your Health:

Your body is the sole unit that is meant to function all the time and then again it is important to keep it healthy in order to have a proper voice and a general health routine. For example having any kind of dairy products before a performance might harm your health, not in a harmful way but effectively change your voice. Try not to scream or shout more than it is required. Anything that could affect your voice is to be kept at bay.

With all these precautions kept in mind and also applied, you will have to take care of others things also. You will also have to practice properly and effectively so that you get proper results. You will need people to give you proper feedback too in order to check how much progress you have made.

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