Superior Singing MethodIf you are looking for more information about Superior Singing Method, and ways to improve your singing skills, you have come to the right place. Now I’m guessing you can probably sing pretty well already, or can at least hold a note; but how annoying is it when every time you try and expand your vocal range, your voice keeps cracking, or you can’t get your breathing right?

Here is the first falsehood about singing: “It takes years of practice to become a great singer”


I will give you an example:  A girl auditions for a TV talent show, her voice is shaky but has potential.  After a nerve-biting review in front of the judges, she finally makes it through.  Suddenly you are watching her in week six and her voice is doing the kind of thrills and twirls that would make Mariah Carey weep. Did she suddenly just “get really really good”? Perhaps, but it’s pretty unlikely. What’s happened is that her voice has been trained behind the scenes and brought into touch. This didn’t take years, it took weeks.

Of course, you may not be looking to sing at competition level, but this shows what can be done if given the right vocal training – even as a beginner! Today you are going to discover exactly how Superior Singing Method will seriously improve your singing voice!

Voice Lessons for Beginners. Yes, You Can Learn To Sing!

 What gives this method the edge over the rest of the vocal courses available?

There is something for everyone.

If we delve deeper into what Aaron offers in SSM, in the way of voice coaching, you will find that he covers the entire spectrum of singing skills.

Not only does Superior Singing Method teach singing lessons to absolute beginners. There are a lot of intermediate singers who will gain from these new techniques. This will help them improve their singing voice, and shake off bad habits learned over time.

Superior Singing Method Video LessonsAnd for all those with careers as singers, this could potentially open up fresher and more exciting opportunities as your singing skills grow!  Aaron’s vocal coaching club, which is also available with the course, offers added support for anyone looking to take their performance to professional levels.

Who Said Improving Your Singing Voice Was A Numbers Game? Sing better faster!

Aaron offers a complete program of vocal training. Once you dedicate yourself to the lessons and practice the routines, it is very possible to go from beginner, intermediate, then on to the level of professional singer quicker than you thought.

Why is the Superior Singing Method so special and why will it work for you? Glad you asked…

  • There is full and immediate access to all your singing lessons in your member’s area, this is for life. Don’t expect any DVD’s in the post; everything is available and accessible to take your classes online immediately.
  •  As you progress through the main course, you will also get access to additional singing courses designed to complement the vocal training. These are entirely optional, there to give more detailed singing instructions.
  • The different kind of singing coaching is completely suitable for beginners, adults and children from 10 +, along with intermediate singers and professionals.
  • Desktop – ipad – cellular access as well as telephone voice lessons. You can use your smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop or Mac for your singing lessons anytime from anywhere in the world. No booking necessary for lessons – no hassle.
  • You are not left to your own devices; you don’t just pay the registration to download singing lessons and are the left wondering if you are doing the right exercises or not. You always have the full support of Aaron
  • No set structure of singing lessons, men and women get their own set of voice exercises. This makes great sense as men and women sing from different areas of their chest and throats.

Improved Vocal Power.  Master The Art Of Better Voice Control

vocal coaching clubIf you’re like most singers and are dedicated to increasing vocal range and hitting those high notes, the idea of developing great tone and mastering your breathing will be pretty exciting to you.

To make this happen, access to a professional vocal coaching is critical. This is the reason the exclusive, private membership to Aarons SSM Vocal Coaching Club is a reassuring addition.


You learn singing techniques while receiving monthly tips on voice improvement.

Joining superior vocal coaching means you can send a video or MP3 file of yourself singing every 30 days. You can do this by uploading a video to YouTube in private (or public, it’s up to you) then send the URL link via email to Aaron and Aaron will deliver his advice back to you.

If you prefer, you can send a mp3. Aaron sees the video or hears you sing every 30 days, then provides guidance and help for improving your voice as quickly as possible.

Yes, You Can Learn To Sing!

So, if you want to learn how to become a better singer today and actually start learning how you can increase your vocal range today and SEE actual results you need to check out the Superior Singing Method program! It even gives you a quick start program that will allow you to start seeing results and get closer to sounding like a professional singer every day. This program gives you access to secret singing methods that the pros use (and would never reveal). If you are serious about your singing, if you want to improve your vocal range; if you want to be the envy of your friends and have people saying; “I never knew you are such a great singer!”

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Where Should You Start?

Singing and music are integral parts of human life. Men have sung and expressed themselves for ages and with advent of new forms we are innovating music every day. The key thing about music is that you have to practice and dedicate yourself to it regularly so that you get the desired outcome. In our childhood we have many idols of singing and music but when we go to mimic them we fail. It is upon us and the dedication we have that we can actually get hold of our talent. It is a myth that only talented people can sing, if you have the capability and enthusiasm then you can become a great singer. Here are the basic steps that you need to take!

Basics of Singing:

As you embark on the journey you have to realise about the facets of singing. These days most people lack the guidance that will help them discover their qualities. Often people just try to sing loudly and are demotivated by their performance. But to learn singing we have to evaluate and know some of the facets that include the art and their utilisation in singing. There are 5 basic components of singing:

  • Pitch: Pitch consists of the various notes and sounds that is made while someone sings. It is essential to learn this part as a faulty pitch will make the song sound off. There are several pitches that has to be met during performing a song and these are often practised by singers to make them better on stage. You will also need to gain knowledge on determining pitches as it will be important in coordinate with other singers.
  • Rhythm: Several beats make up a song and we have to maintain that rhythm to be in sync with the song. Singers have to build up a sense of rhythm so that they are able to keep pace with the particular song that they choose.
  • Breath: The quality of a singer is often denoted by the quality of breathing mechanisms used in a song. Any singing lesson starts with the essential breathing exercises and tells the students to include intricacies into them. If you want to learn singing then the first thing you have to figure out is the correct way to breath.
  • Voice: Voice is the component that enables us to convey our singing to others. Training your voice to the right direction will ensure that you grow to being a good singer. Vocal exercises are also quite important when you first step into singing lessons.
  • Diction: Singing is done in one language or the other and through it you have to make your audience realise the lyrics that you are portraying. Your diction over the particular language will ensure that the audience understands you and it will help them more to appreciate your work.

10 Basic Steps to Learn Singing

1. Maintain a good Vocal Health:

You have to make sure that you retain a good vocal health to be a part of the singing lessons. Just like a musician takes care of their instruments you have to take care of your instrument which will be your voice. You would never want to damage your voice as it is quite essential. Always try to eat healthy as it will ensure your good health and let you stay away from diseases. Try to drink lots of water so that you do not face a dry throat. Smoking is injurious to health as well as your throat so always stay away from it. Try to warm up your voice before starting a singing practice, this will ensure that your voice doesn’t crack easily. Also try to keep away from too many hot or cold items as it can lead to you catching a cold which will be bad for your voice.

2. Practise Breathing:

Breathing is an important part of singing lessons and you have to find the right way to breathe while you try to sing. Often at initial stages people tend to breath vertically rather than horizontally. This incorporates too much air into the lungs and they can’t sing properly. The main aim of you will be to locate your diaphragm and use it in singing.

Any singer will need to follow some breathing exercises through which they can incorporate the correct amount of air. One such breathing exercise is:Inhale the air to feel it in the upper abdomen and lower ribs and when exhaling

  • Inhale the air to feel it in the upper abdomen and lower ribs and when exhaling say ‘Ahh’ which should have a duration of 2-3 seconds.
  • When the exhale is about to finish switch to your normal breath and let the air get out.
  • This exercise will ensure you to feel how a body needs to incorporate air during singing.

3. Finding the correct posture

A good posture will allow you to sing quite freely. You need to remember that while singing we have to utilise our whole body to perform an appropriate thing. You ca detect your posture and improve it by standing in front of a mirror. You can definitely check out the internet to assess the best position that helps a person in singing the best way.

4. Figuring out tone

Your voice will be accompanied by a tone which ensures that the song you perform will be appealing. You will achieve the right way to utilise a tone when you get accustomed to a good breathing procedure. You can check out videos found on internet or even consult a music teacher to ensure that you will get a good lesson on utilising the correct tone in your singing.

5. Learn about Pitch

We often classify a song to be of a high pitch or a low pitch and it also helps us in identifying the quality of the song. It is basically the vibrations that are being made by our vocal chords and different singers sing in different pitches. If you haven’t been around music all along your life then, you will definitely need to learn ways and exercises to detect pitches. This allows in singing the song properly or to change its pitch to suit one’s own voice. You have to perform aural drills and practice the songs several times to get a proper hold on the working of pitch. One of the easiest ways to do it is by singing along with songs that you are familiar with.

6. Learning the basics of music

You have to get acquainted with music once you start learning to sing. You will need to know the essential theories that govern music and how it is applied in different spheres. You will need to learn to read musical notes and be aware of the language. You will also need to cope up with the diversity of music and realise that most singers have worked with music as much as they work with their vocal skills.

7. Utilising the right Diction

You have to utilise a language when singing a song and it is quite essential to know the pronunciation of the words so that others can understand you. You have to pay attention to the lyrics as much as you pay attention to the other qualities of the songs. Try to have a good diction over the languages that you plan to sing in, it will make your singing more appealing.

8. Figure out the correct vocal range

Finding out the vocal range you can work with is quite important too. It will help you to choose the right songs to perform and practice. There are several videos and tutorials around the internet to let you find out the vocal range that you belong in.

9. Keep yourself Motivated

You have to understand that learning to sing will take time. You cannot just learn it in one day. Try to stay motivated and determined to be able to sing well one day and you will definitely be successful. You have to practice every day for a certain period of time. But always be sure to not strain your voice and give yourself the needed rest.

10. Be Confident

Confidence is one of the most important aspects of singing. Singing often requires you to sing in front of an audience and if you aren’t confident then it is next to impossible. The best way to do this is by singing in front of a mirror and also assuring yourself about you being determined and made for singing.

As you embark on a journey to learn to sing you have to follow these steps to get everything correct at the basic level. You can always avail online lessons to establish your singing talents in a better way. The easiest option is to visit sites that have videos available for you to find out correct ways of singing and have enough knowledge on music as well. Remember to practice regularly so that you can become a good singer quite quickly.